Facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy

I am not friends with books. They are more like that annoying cousin you see a few times throughout the year, and when they're there, you feel obligated to spend time with them until they're gone.

That's my relationship with books. (Harry Potter doesn't count)

I can probably count on my two hands how many books I have started AND finished since I've graduated from high school. (Harry Potter still doesn't count)

But every now and then I become inspired to learn new things, explore ideas or just dig into something and I find myself picking up a book.

Enter Option B.

The Global Leadership Summit took place this week at Crossroads Church and I was lucky enough to get to attend a few sessions this year while school was starting back up for teachers. On Day 1, one of the speakers started talking about resilience and how we can build it and strengthen it.

This idea struck a chord in me.

This Summer, several of my important relationships have gone through some changes as a result of moving away, growing up or unhealthy situations. I didn't realize it until she started speaking about grief, loss and post-traumatic growth that I had experienced loss in my life.

So I am ending this Summer and starting this new school year off with a goal to read this book and learn what I can and build up my resilience.

I'm planning on updating this dormant blog with my thoughts as I crawl through each chapter. I am also attempting to post some #booksnaps on my Twitter account as well.

If you want to grab a copy of this book and read along with me, here's your link.