Day 11: Hall Pass

Day 11: What is your favorite part of the school day and why?

It doesn't always happen, but I try really hard to meet my students in the hallway outside of my door & not in my classroom. I love the energy and madness that is a middle school locker hall.

Passing period. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. I get to see the students that are in my next class, but I also get to see all the other students who I don't have the privilege to teach.  It's an unstructured time for the kids and it's pretty apparent from all the laughing, pushing, talking and playing.

Connecting with students outside of the classroom is pretty high up on my list and being available in the hallway gives me lots of opportunities for that. If I'm holed up in my room while everyone else is in the hall, how could I possibly begin to build relationships that are not math-centric?

This is why I love passing time. Students who have already had you that morning, sharing a quick moment from their day. Students who have you later that day who say hi or share how their day is going. And then the best part: students who I've taught before, but don't have in any classes this year, that stop by just to talk stories.

Other great parts of the day. When the choir sings an entire song filled with passion and emotion. And an honorable mention: when other teachers come to share with me exciting things they found and are planning to incorporate into their classes.