Linda & John

The students were asked to generate questions they had while listening to The Giver being read out loud. They were challenged to craft questions about things they were wondering about in the text, and that might be answered in future readings.

Student #1: "What are Jonas' parents names?"

Student #2: "We already know their names. It's Linda and John. Next question, Mr. A."

Fraction Statements

In math today, the students were asked to sketch six people and accessorize them with hats, glasses, jewelry, etc. They could sketch them in any height, weight, hair color, etc. The main task was for them to write five factual statements about the group of six people, using fractions.

Here is what one student wrote about his sketch.

2 out of the 6 people are tall.
3 out of the 6 people have dark hair.
3 out of the 6 people want to play baseball.
1 out of the 6 people is a girl.
6 out of the 6 people are ugly.

At least he followed the directions.

This kid always makes me smile.

Reading Too Much

I was doing some guided reading groups with my 5th graders this week and we were doing pretty good. I had the kids all on the big table and we were reading quietly to ourselves and I was spending about 90 seconds with each kid and making the rounds.

Then after reading a few more minutes, one of the girls says to me, "I can't do this."

"What? You're doing a great job." It's only been about six minutes since we had started.

"I can't read anymore."

"How come?"

"I've got asthma."