Thoughts on grading

These were some strong points made on a Twitter #edchat revolving around grading and the like.

  • Grading should be based only on learning, not ability, not effort. Students should be required to show learning.
  • When we worry about having enough assignments to justify the grade, instead of focusing on proficiency levels we miss the point.
  • Giving and grading assignments so that one has enough to give a grade is not effective in providing valuable data info.
  • A focus on grades instead of a focus on ability/proficiency level with certain skills or standards is not as effective.
  • Today I realized if grading is based on a rubric then final mark should be calculated based on Mode rather than Mean.
  • My students leave with a portfolio and a grade. Portfolio elements and the quality thereof determine the grade.
  • Will somebody please tell me the functional difference between an 80, a 76, AND A 74.