My legs are so sore

..and I know the reason why. It's because today was my first day back at school after having ninetysix days off. Seventysix of those days were spent in Hawaii, waking up at five to go running, walking to work by seven, clocking out around ten, then sleeping til the late afternoon.

Spending all day in a warm hot room with twentyfour other bodies (sweaty, smelly bodies if youre there after lunch) without a true teacher's desk makes for a lot of walking and on-your-feet-ness.

I love this feeling, though, the strain in my legs. I love not having a teacher's desk to sit at, because now when I think back over the things I did today, I either spent it walking around the class, weaving in and around my students' desks, catching glimpses of their creativity (we did a lot of drawing and coloring today) or standing beside them trying to learn a bit more about them, while also attempting to crash through the "untouchable teacher" facade.

Interacting - that's how I spent the entire day. And it was a great first day back to school.