Maths Lesson, FlipVideo Style

Considering I've had the past two days off, I got to catch up on a lot of my Google Reader subscriptions and feeds. I came across this great site full of Flip Camera resources by means of a Tweet from a friend and I actually had time to check out the link.

There were a few PDFs on that site, and one of them was a Scavenger Hunt guide. So I clicked on through it and found some good lists dealing with Math and Language Arts.

When we weren't having snow ice days, our math group was just getting the hang of naming special polygons and understanding the differences between them. With the four FlipVideo cameras in my room, plus an extra one in the building, I wanted to try this tomorrow.

Since I've got five Flips, I can have five groups with about four/five kids in each one. Have them bring their notebooks with the descriptors of each polygon we've studied and send them out with the task. Find as many polygons and document them on the FlipVideo camera in fifteen minutes around the school.

And then it hit me. I could just see some kids shooting for two seconds at a rhombus painted on the wall and then onto the next shape. I wanted them to discover and support their findings while they were there and capture that on the video.

I needed an example. Well, since we didn't have school today, I couldn't pull a random kid to stand in for my demo, so I had my roommate film me and I did one.

I'll let you know how it goes. And I'll probably upload the student vids to the school website when they're complete.