Day 7: Influencers

Day 7: Who was or is your most inspirational colleague, and why?

At this point in my teaching journey, I am lucky to have worked with many influential teachers. They are next door. They are down the hall. They are outside in the air conditioned cottages. They are here and they are on my team.

I am constantly learning from them and benefitting from their expertise and experience. We all make each other better.

But for my most influential colleague, I have been blessed to have worked alongside someone who has pushed me so much. Leading me to reflect and re-evaluate on my own practice. She is a master teacher, inspiring leader and passionate about everything.

I no longer work in the same building as her, but I still am inspired to be better and not settle for anything less. For myself or for my students.

We are all influencers, though. We all have the opportunity to lead change, introduce better ideas and make things happen. It's cyclical. We influence each other and I need to be surrounded by those that push me in different ways than I push myself.