Day 4: Kids

Day 4: What do you love the most about teaching?

We are finishing up the second full week of school with students. Today we also passed out 100s of iPads to eager 7th & 8th graders who have been missing their tablets since May. As crazy as the start of a new year is, I'm reminded of what I love most about teaching.

I love the drive, passion and energy of my teacher mates. I love when they drop by my classroom to share their latest idea they want to try with their kids. I love that I can drop by their room and do the same, but in a less comprehensible fashion.

I love that we take care of each other, cover classes when it's needed and pick up italian beef sandwiches just because it's Friday. I love that even after teachers aren't in the same building, we still push each other to be better at our jobs and life.

I love the madness of passing period, with students still struggling to open their lockers in the middle of February. The flood of 8th graders who try to squeeze in precious social time with their friends, while grabbing their things and trying to get to their next class in 180 seconds or less.

I love the hard work, the determination and the desire students have to do great things. The creativity, the insight and the curiosity. The puzzled faces when new concepts are tricky. The frustration when things get complicated. The smiles when ideas make sense.

But really, what I truly really love is working with students. Being able to create connections that will outlive middle school. It's the long-graduated student who drops by the school, years after he's left, to tell me about his track PRs. The student who moved three states away five years ago and still comes to visit every summer when he's back. The student who finally has found the courage to join her high school choir after discovering her voice in our class.

Yeah. Teaching is pretty sweet.