5th Grade Present

Today was a screening test day for elementary students in our district and middle school started in full swing yesterday, with sixth graders going in on Monday to learn the ropes. I had just finished up testing my last student while also trying to get ready for my first full day with students when I found that some of my old students were in the building.

It was two boys. We'll call them Scott and Alex. Scott wears glasses and shoots beams out of his eyes. Alex has blond hair and projects plasma blasts from his hands. Not really. Anyway, they were part of my first real class was back in 2008 when I taught fourth grade. Earlier this year, they graduated from our building and have now gone on to several other schools. So it was these sixth graders who were back during their first week of middle school, for who knows what reason.

So I asked them. "Why are you guys doing here?"

They answered. "You told us to come visit you."


It was a great experience having some of my very first students recalling and acting on a few words that I had spoke to them several months ago. They told me about their first days of middle school and how they're excited. It was great.

Having them come in was the encouragement I needed the day before I start teaching a new grade. It has added an excitement to my already anxious state of starting a new school year.

I hope they come back again.